Ways of Signing Up

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Why so many ways of signing up?


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  • SWARM started as a Facebook Group and needed to be moved to a website. To keep it simple we are¬†still using Facebook, because we have such a large group there, and people still want to sign up that way. That Facebook group is located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/sardrones/¬†The most common issue with people requesting to join our FB group is to not answer the 3 questions. We figure if you cannot answer the 3 questions, you probably are not very committed!

  • We needed a more robust system for our pilots, so we installed a new system on our site to allow pilots to sign up and provide the level of detail we need for those pilots. The pilot sign up is at https://sarupdrones.org/participant-sign/ Please make sure if you sign up as a pilot that you also subscribe, because this will notify you of missions.
    Pilots have not been filling out all the required fields, probably because of confusion on the second email, or blockers on their email systems, so all fields will be required on the initial signup screen, so that a second email will not be needed or sent.

  • Some people want to just keep up with SWARM and search requests when they come in so we allow folks to “Subscribe” to our new site without having to volunteer for anything. Simply use the form on the right side of this page.


  • One final way people are added is for admins on our new site that require their own admin accounts to be able to perform certain functions. All of this will be greatly simplified in the future but for now, we are trying to make all this work without any funding or donations.



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