Updating your drone pilot info

Update Your Pilot Records

We still have way too many pilots listed with incorrect or missing information. Please take the time to update your pilot info, and put as many details as you can, because this will increase our chances of finding help for families. An example is what equipment you fly with so that we can find pilots that have thermal capabilities when those are needed. Another example that is very helpful is how far you are willing to travel. Don’t worry, there is a video of how to signup and/or update your own records on the linked page below.


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Why bother?

Why is this important?

Think of it this way. We get a request to help a family locate a missing person, and the search needs to be done at night, and they are requesting a drone pilot with thermal capabilities. Or maybe the mission is in an area where the drone pilot will need a waiver to fly, and the list goes on. The more information we have on our pilots, the better the chances are that we will have successful missions. It seems we have too many signups where the individual is not taking this seriously.

Another thing we will start implementing in the near future is a ranking system for our pilots and badges that can be earned for different levels of proficiency and/or participation

There are too many search requests coming in that we are unable to provide the resources needed. The first step in improving this is to make sure everyone ensures that their records are accurate. We also could use many more pilots and resources, so spread the word!

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