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Training does not always have to be formal, but probably should be. At the very least you should just get out and practice with your drone and apps that you use to fly it. There is not anything more important or more fun! Nowadays, there is a vast selection of places around the world that offer “SAR Drone Training”. We are going to try and focus on the ones that provide specific training for using a drone in search and rescue. There are very specific requirements to ensure a successful mission, and training is at the top of that list. When and if we have the equipment, time and personel to provide training, we of course will offer it as well.

New Training Video Series

We are faced with a lot of changes within the drone search and rescue community, that need to be addressed. One area of concern is we have different kinds of volunteers, and we need to be able to identify who is serious about actually helping people and those that...

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Free Training for PIX4D

Join to learn: Challenges faced on the ground, and how they can be overcome The right tools for the job: hardware, software, and people How Pix4Dreact can speed up your field operations and support evidence-based decisions on the ground Real-world use cases featuring...

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Thermal Imaging Training from ITC

Infrared Training Center Live Online Tutorials Are you new to thermography or perhaps need a quick refresher on the basics of infrared? If so, ITC's live online tutorials and on-demand tutorials are just for you! Join us online - on your desktop, laptop, tablet or...

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Pilot Survey

It has been becoming increasingly difficult to find pilots to fly missions lately, and we need to figure out how we can improve on this. One thing that will help considerably is to understand how many of our pilots have flown an actual SAR mission with their drone....

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Hands-on Drone Pilot Training

Whether you are thinking of getting a drone, or already have a drone, DartDrones is one of the largest and most trusted sources of training for businesses and individuals and has courses that cover virtually every use case of drones from just for, to starting your own...

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GPS Coordinates with DJI GO

  Rockford WeberPublished on Jan 15, 2018This video is a quick tutorial on how to get GPS coordinates from your DJI drone during flight. A written document with these same instructions can be found at: The procedure...

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DartDrones Mission Recaps

One of the best sources of information about using a drone in search and rescue missions is to study actual searches that have been performed by different pilots and organizations. DART Drones publisheda webinar on some actual missions they have done and lessons...

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