This contains all volunteers registered on SWARM, as well as maps from Wings of Mercy, to help you locate the resources you need!

<h1>I will add links to the Wings of Mercy Maps pages so that can also be used when trying to find resources for missions. Especially in Canada</h1>

What We Do

Rescuing Animals

We actually even set up a special FaceBook group called SWARMCritters just for our furry friends.

SAR Training

We will post anything that we put on as well as any other organizations that offer SAR related drones training.

SAR Collaboration

Network with other SAR Units


We attend trade shows, seminars and the like to keep up on all the latest tech for drones in Search and Rescue.

Your donation Saves lives

Besides helping to save lives and bring closure for families, your donations help us keep our sites up to date. We also very much appreciate any other type of help!


It is amazing how many people have come forward to volunteer their time and equipment. The satisfaction you will get out of helping families is a huge reward, and our goal is to be able to find the volunteers needed anywhere in the world.

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