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Get Involved

01. Help us Train

More and more SAR missions are going to require pilots that are not only certified to fly commercially, but also trained in things like search and rescue and incident command structures. We will need help from individuals and organizations to be sure all our pilots are qualified. We also will need help in creating videos and other online content.

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03. Be a Volunteer

Being a volunteer means not only signing up to be listed as a pilot but be available when missions come up. It also means taking responsibility for being prepared and trained to do the job you signed up for. It does not matter if you are an observer, ground crew or pilot. There is much more you need to be aware of when getting involved in these missions.

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  1. Make a Donation

We very much appreciate any and all help to help us grow, spread the word, and provide information and training on using drones in search and rescue. That does not always have to be money. Your time and expertise are very valuable too!


You can also make a donation through Paypal.

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04. Spread the Word

Everybody is on social media of some kind these days. We could really use everyone’s help to spread the word anywhere and everywhere you can.

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