SWARM Moving Forward


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It’s time for some changes.

We have the oldest, and largest drone search and rescue group, in the world, and yet there are way too many search requests going out with no responses at all! Unfortunately, this indicates a level of commitment, that obviously is not what it needs to be by many pilots that sign up. I understand this is a volunteer organization, and as such, people may not be able to respond when needed, but we have done tests and found that there is a staggering lack of response, on even the simplest requests on our new website and systems.

Because of this, and because more security is required, we are going to start a “badge” or “levels” system to identify pilots with certain equipment, skills, and levels of training. The systems for doing this are being worked out and let this serve as a heads up for you that this will be coming soon.

One of the biggest blockers to us for accomplishing our goals is funding. To that end, we are also working on getting non-profit status, so we can officially start fundraising, and offer tax write-offs and apply for grants.

There are other huge benefits for all of us, that many may not realize. Besides being recognized as a professional organization, that can be counted on for help, as a large group, we can get access to many more resources and even get group discounts on many products and services!

We have over 10,000 members, pilots, and volunteers that have signed up through our various resources, and in addition to that, we communicate to many other SAR groups when trying to find help for families, and still, there is a serious shortage of resources, and we would like to figure out ways of improving this.

Please help us with our goal of trying to find help for families by spreading the word, and for those of you that have signed up as pilots, take your role more seriously, and prepare for the changes coming.

We need dedicated individuals, that have the time and proper experience, to help create content on YouTube for upcoming training videos and other areas. This will be one of the most important tasks we need to put in place to make sure our pilots are properly trained to do missions and will be able to show they have received this training.

Other positions we need to fill. More information will be added with details of each position.

Mission Specialists
Admins for Requests on Sites
Member Cultivation/Retention
Social Media and Content Creation
Member Classified Advertising Management

Make sure you have subscribed to our YouTube Channel
Make sure you have subscribed for News and Updates to SWARM. This will also send you mission requests.

Please, only respond if you have the time to do this. Send us an email at [email protected] if you can help.

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