Missing Horse possible stolen Iron Point Mining district NV

Click link for more information, Read through last sighting information, Horse was out on a trip remote location in comparison to where it is normally stabled at.

Address Where Animal Lives: 6525 Redwood Rd, Oakland, CA
Years at Residence: 6
Normal Animal Habits: Days in outdoor pen, nights in stall
Any Stressful Events: None, unless he felt pre-tremors for the 7/4 earthquake
Is animal Microchipped: No
Social Behavior: Likes to be with other horses, will call out to them when near. Friendly, trusts people.
Last Sighting: On the morning of 7/3, my friend’s horse Dexter disappeared. The two of them were on a road trip, and Dexter was highlined while they camped overnight near Iron Point Mining District in Nevada. Alec (the human) checked on him at 4:30 am and all was well. At 6 am there was nothing but an empty lead rope. There were no signs of a struggle, and no damage to the equipment. Alec, the BLM, and the local sheriff’s department searched for Dexter for the next 7 hours, covered 60 miles of desert, and found nothing but tracks that led to the main road and stopped. The most plausible theory is that Dexter was taken.
He’s a red dun gelding, with a darker red line down his back and darker red ear tips. He has a snip and strip far to the left side of his nose. He has a small white patch on his right hind ankle. He has some lumps under his belly and high inside his thighs. He has a large patch of hair rubbed off of the dock of his tail. He wears shoes with pads on his front feet only, barefoot on the rear.

Link to original Facebook post with photos:

Address of Last Sighting: Desert near Iron Point Mining District, Nevada. Closest town Golconda, closest larger town Winnemucca.
Is animal licensed: No
Who to contact for information?: Me, friend of owner
First Name: Rachel
Last Name: Stitt
Phone: 559-991-5091
Email: [email protected]

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