Member photos and videos on YouTube

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I would like to showcase more member content for our volunteers both here and create YouTube videos with images of our members doing various things like search and rescue missions, anyone that has a custom rig, or gear. It will also help a bunch if you send me your pictures of you too! Any images or videos that relate to using your drone in search and rescue work is welcome!


Missing boy found by drone with infrared

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I had a chance to use one of the Mavic Dual Enterprise drones in a SAR mission and it was pretty good except the infrared was not very useful during daylight hours but could be very useful at night, as proved in this rescue that had a happy ending. The drone in this video probably had a much betterĀ camera.

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DJI Links to Drones saving lives


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Stories from around the globe, published by DJI in April 2018, of drones being used to save lives.

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Date Country Description People rescued Media coverage
5/6/17 USA Drone brings food to stranded hunters 2 Link
5/27/17 USA Missing man found in desert 1 Link
6/11/17 USA Drone finds two stranded tubers 2 Link
6/15/17 USA Drone finds lost hikers on mountain 2 Link
6/26/17 USA Drone finds four tubers at night 4 Link
7/18/17 China Drone brings life vests to stranded fishermen 2 Link
7/21/17 USA Missing woman found on riverbank 1 Link
8/15/17 USA Drone guides rescuers to injured logger 1 Link
8/20/17 USA Drone finds more tubers lost on river 6 Link
9/14/17 USA Missing woman found in dark field 1 Link
9/19/17 USA Drone finds missing special needs boy 1 Link
10/3/17 China Drone finds 24 stranded hikers 24 Link
10/10/17 USA Missing person found with drone 1 Link
11/2/17 USA Three runaway children found with drone 3 Link
11/4/17 USA Drone finds 84-year-old unconscious hunter 1 Link
11/5/17 USA Drone finds disoriented woman in field 1 Link
12/17/17 USA Drone finds 92-year-old hunter at night 1 Link
1/18/18 Australia Drone drops buoy to two struggling teens 2 Link
2/10/18 USA Drone finds stranded hiker 1 Link
2/14/18 France Missing person found by police drone 1 Link
2/24/18 Malta Drone finds stranded hiker 1 Link
2/25/18 UK Drone finds unconscious man in ditch 1 Link
2/25/18 Brazil Drone drops buoy to struggling kitesurfer 1 Link
3/1/18 USA Missing 11-year-old girl found by drone 1 Link
3/3/18 USA Drone finds injured bicyclist 1 Link
3/13/18 China Dehydrated woman rescued in mountains 1 Link
3/27/18 USA Drone finds man stranded in flooded river 1 Link



What is the best drone for search and rescue?


DroneU interviews Jon McBride with Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems. This video is from 2013, but even with all the advancements in drone technology, the advice for which drone is the best for search and rescue is still valid today and I trust the advice from these guys because they have a lot of experience.

DJI – Proving Drones in Search and Rescue


DJI has always been at the forefront of using drones in search and rescue, not just because they are the largest manufacturer of drones, but because they are dedicated to the technologies of using drones in search and rescue operations. DJI invests in rigorously testing its products for use in the field. It’s not just about how a drone can fly – it’s about how people use it.

Why SWARM Started

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The story of what motivated Jim Bowers to start the Search With Aerial RC Multirotor group or SWARM as it is better known.

Jim Bowers of SWARM
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