Live ATC Radio Streaming

Want to be more familiar with air traffic communications?

This website and app let you listen to ATC feeds all over the world, and is a great way to learn how communication works.

You can also use it to listen in on airports you will be flying at to help you avoid any problems with aircraft in the area.

Remember it is still your responsibility to notify the airport of any operations within 5 miles.

Search and Rescue Image Analysis

If you have ever worked a search and rescue mission with your drone, you know how difficult it can be to spot your target. It has been proven with studies that humans miss the target when viewing images way too many times. Shane Michaels has developed software to help tremendously with this problem and any search and rescue unit will be able to not only increase your chances of success but look much more professional. 

We all have challenges with funding because we are all volunteers. I believe this software can make a significant difference and wholeheartedly support them in their efforts and hope that all of you will too.

If you don’t have the funding to purchase the software for yourself or your organization, Shane is graciously offering to do image analysis for our members doing drone SAR missions. Please let us know and take advantage of this tremendous resource.

This webinar was put on by LOC8 and supported by Gene Robinson and other Search and Rescue professionals and will show you the amazing capabilities of this software.

LOC8 Software Website

You can visit LOC8 and purchase licenses or download your own free trial. Give it a try, you will be blown away!

Image Analysis Software

Developed To Search For People And Objects Quickly And Effectively.

Software developed to aid SAR volunteers, Emergency Responders, Law Enforcement & Government Agencies.

Loc8 is a comprehensive solution that empowers search and rescue volunteers, emergency responders, and government agencies to quickly scan images from drone footage to locate missing people or objects by using advanced image scanning technology that isolates specific pixel clusters.

Compatible With All Drones & Cameras

If you have not had the chance to work on a drone search and rescue mission yet, you might not appreciate the value of what this software can provide. When you have to sift through hundreds and even thousands of images, it can be very easy to miss important objects and clues in the images. This software will help. There is even a study I saw somewhere that proved that humans only identify objects at a rate of about 30% Lots of important things could be missed!

Using a Drone Simulator for SAR Training?

Using a Drone Simulator for SAR Training?

Yes, you read that right! Use a simulator to train for search and rescue missions? He can’t be serious? Little Arms Studio sent me one of their units for testing, not just for regular drone simulation training, which many of you already know about, but for actual search and rescue training. The software does not yet have the scenarios for the type of drone searches we would need, but I believe if they get enough support, it will happen as they already have firefighters scenarios.

Check out my video review and please let me know what you think of it. Also please be sure to subscribe and like the video so we can grow our audience.

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