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Some users have been a little confused by the posts on our website and we would like to clarify a couple of things.

1. Why do some posts have a big blue box at the top, and some do not?

* This is due to page loading limitations associated with a “Featured Image”.

* Some posts have a “Featured Image” that helps identify what the post is about.

* When the “Featured Image” is not part of the post, you will see a big blue box.

2. What are we doing to improve the post views?

* We are standardizing posting procedures.

* We are moving to a newer/faster-hosting provider that should help with a whole bunch of issues. I am happy to say this will soon change thanks to generous donations from a couple of admins!

3. How do we access the full articles?

* All posts are listed with an excerpt from the full article, and you simply press on any section of the post, which is usually indicated when your mouse cursor changes to a hand, or some other indicator on your system that lets you know there is a “HyperLink” (Usually Blue), that when clicked, will take you somewhere else.

* Also, you can click “read more…” to load the full post.

I hope this clarifies for everyone, and keep in mind this can change from time to time for any number of reasons, but it will always follow standard post practices, no matter what.

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