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Which Drone To Start With? Sounds Easy, But There are many things to Consider!

Drones can cost just about anything up to thousands of dollars. The best drone for search and rescue for you could very well hinge on your budget. Sometimes the real first question is what is the first drone I should start with? Nobody would recommend you spend thousands of dollars on the perfect SAR drone when you are just learning to fly. One of the better drones to start with might be something like a Parrot Bebop 2 FPV because it is very affordable, comes with FPV goggles so can even try the virtual cockpit experience. When you feel proficient, then you can get the perfect one.

Frequently Asked Questions
Best Beginner Drone?

There are some minimum equipment requirements for doing SAR work and sometimes that can cost more than you should start with.

You might want to start with something like a Bebop 2 FPV package that costs around $250 right now!

How do you decide what is best?

We rely on the experience of our extensive SAR pilot network and pilots with real-world experience using drones for SAR missions.

What about these FLIR Drones?

We have found that the “entry-level” FLIR cameras leave a lot to be desired and to really get a great result you probably need one that costs thousands of dollars. That is not to say the entry-level FLIR cameras on something the DJI Enterprise is not good, but they can give you very different results then you might have expected. All infrared is definitely not the same.

Will I need any "official" training?

You can refer to our SOP for all the requirements that need to be met to be able to fly missions.

What about apps for flying drone missions?

We have a complete section just to cover drone apps. One thing you will notice, and it is definitely a consideration in my book, is what drones are supported by the various app? You will find for example, that DJI is the only drone that seems to be supported by virtually all the apps. 

Consumer Level Drones

Bebop 2

Parrot Drone
White – FPV

Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Drone
Phantom – 4 Pro


XDynamics Evolve
Black – 4K

Inspire 1

DJI Drone

Parrot Bebop Pro

Pro Thermal Drone

Parrot Anafi

Parrot Drone
Parrot Anafi Drone

Inspire 2

DJI Drone

It has been suggested by some to not exclude any drones from here becuase of price. Drones like the Matrice series and many other from other MFG are obviously great drones for search and rescue, just out of range for most of us. If you have the budget and would like any advice on those, just let us know and we will point you in the best direction.


Announced at CES 2020, this drone is going to be fantastic for search and rescue work and should be available soon.  You have to see the video quality of this drone! Be sure to view at full screen and make sure the highest resolution is set on YouTube. It should be at...

Can Mavik Mini be used for SAR?

Got some feedback from a trusted source that the new Mavic Mini is a great training drone or backup for search and rescue. I have not had the opportunity to see for myself, but I suspect this would be a great starter drone, much the same as the Parrot Bebop2 drone. I...

Thermal imaging drones

There is an ever-increasing need for information, training, and equipment recommendations for using thermal imaging drones in search and rescue missions. While there are many formal training programs, they can be quite expensive. It would be very beneficial if any...

Underwater Drone for Search and Rescue

Yay, or Nay?  Do they have a place in Search and Rescue? Has anyone ever had the chance to use any of the underwater drones for search and rescue work like this power ray model? If so, was it useful and can you offer any recommendations? One use in a mission that...

Mobile Search and Rescue Vehicles

Mobile Search and Rescue Vehicles

Show us your drone rescue vehiclesI just bought a van myself and I intend on equipping it for mobile missions and would love to see other members versions and ideas!Would this be amazing!This one might be available now!Concept VehicleThese are images of rigs...

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