Search With Aerial RC MultiRotor

Frequently Asked Questions?

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↓Click For Help Finding People↓

Need help finding a missing person? Please fill out the form and be as accurate and detailed as you can.

↓Click to Help? Volunteer Sign Up↓

Volunteers can sign up using this. Please provide all the information asked for, or you won’t be approved.

↓Click For Help Finding Pets↓

Need help finding a lost animal? Please fill out the form and provide as much information as you can.

↑Use The Menu For Everything Else↓

Please use the menus or click the map, to navigate to the other areas of interest.

Our Mission

Thousands of volunteer SAR pilot members in 46 countries around the globe. Our primary mission objective is to provide continued hope and assistance to families in need.

Our top priority has, and always will be, to find the best and most appropriate resources for the families in need. Most times this will be a local authority, or even another search and rescue unit in that area.


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