Mobile Mission Vehicles

A Wish List Right Now!!!

Show us your drone rescue vehicles

I just bought a van myself and I intend on equipping it for mobile missions and would love to see other members versions and ideas!

Land Rover

Would this be amazing!


This one might be available now!

Another Nissan

Concept Vehicle

These are images of rigs members have sent in. I am impressed and encouraged that we have some very well equipped groups out there.

Member Builds

I know at least some of you have built your own mobile command vehicles. Let’s let the other members see them, and get ideas so others can build their own. I would also like to include a list of equipment to be considered specifically for running a drone mission.

This is just a quick list to get the conversation going. Let me know your ideas!

From my own recent experience of using my van for an actual mission, it was easy for me to start making a list of things I will need for it to work.

  • Enough power to recharge batteries for continuous flights if needed. Preferably solar or a large generator that can run for many hours.
  • A large monitor that footage can be streamed to other eyes to view during or after flights.
  • A place to go to the bathroom.
  • A way to keep cool, or warm, depending on the environment.
  • Food and water for extended stays.
  • A place to shower.
  • A comfortable bed.
  • Extra clothing for extended stays and types of conditions.
  • Redundant systems when possible in case of failures.
  • A workstation and/or desk for working with drone and footage.
  • It would be helpful to have my own WiFi.
  • First Aid.

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