DJI Links to Drones saving lives

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Stories from around the globe, published by DJI in April 2018, of drones being used to save lives.

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Date Country Description People rescued Media coverage
5/6/17 USA Drone brings food to stranded hunters 2 Link
5/27/17 USA Missing man found in desert 1 Link
6/11/17 USA Drone finds two stranded tubers 2 Link
6/15/17 USA Drone finds lost hikers on mountain 2 Link
6/26/17 USA Drone finds four tubers at night 4 Link
7/18/17 China Drone brings life vests to stranded fishermen 2 Link
7/21/17 USA Missing woman found on riverbank 1 Link
8/15/17 USA Drone guides rescuers to injured logger 1 Link
8/20/17 USA Drone finds more tubers lost on river 6 Link
9/14/17 USA Missing woman found in dark field 1 Link
9/19/17 USA Drone finds missing special needs boy 1 Link
10/3/17 China Drone finds 24 stranded hikers 24 Link
10/10/17 USA Missing person found with drone 1 Link
11/2/17 USA Three runaway children found with drone 3 Link
11/4/17 USA Drone finds 84-year-old unconscious hunter 1 Link
11/5/17 USA Drone finds disoriented woman in field 1 Link
12/17/17 USA Drone finds 92-year-old hunter at night 1 Link
1/18/18 Australia Drone drops buoy to two struggling teens 2 Link
2/10/18 USA Drone finds stranded hiker 1 Link
2/14/18 France Missing person found by police drone 1 Link
2/24/18 Malta Drone finds stranded hiker 1 Link
2/25/18 UK Drone finds unconscious man in ditch 1 Link
2/25/18 Brazil Drone drops buoy to struggling kitesurfer 1 Link
3/1/18 USA Missing 11-year-old girl found by drone 1 Link
3/3/18 USA Drone finds injured bicyclist 1 Link
3/13/18 China Dehydrated woman rescued in mountains 1 Link
3/27/18 USA Drone finds man stranded in flooded river 1 Link